Welcome to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Explore the  impressive collection of historic railroad equipment that built Minnesota and our country. The museum is located in downtown Duluth, in the platforms at yard of the original Historic Union Depot, built in 1892. From immaculately restored locomotives and rolling stock, to exciting events and exhibits that bring the memories railroads to life, in an effort to preserve, present, and interpret the history of railroading, especially as it relates to the area.

Get the guide: Additional information on many of our exhibits is available in an 84 page color guidebook, featuring images, specs, and detailed information about all the museum’s holdings, click here for more info. Every piece of the collection, with descriptions, photos, and details of each. Price of the book is $15 plus $4 shipping… so only $19 and you have an entire railroad museum in your house! Plus narration/information by mile-post of the North Shore Scenic Railroad. Click here to buy a book today!