Lake Superior
Railroad Museum

The Museum’s Foundation

It started at your first Train visit with Dad…


Then came a shared passion for the Trains you traveled on through life…


Now it is time for you to pass your memories on and start new ones for others…


Reserve Your Place in History by investing in the future of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum through its Foundation. What our founders and early members did was preserve a slice of American history centered on the Railroad industry. What we are charged with, as their heirs, is to continue the mission of: “preserving, interpreting, and presenting to the public the history of Railroading, especially as it relates to our area.”

With a monthly donation, annual commitment or a legacy gift to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum Foundation, you can continue the efforts of so many others who understand, as you do, that the Railroads of America helped to build America.

You grew up a railfan. As a railroad enthusiast you share a great hobby with many wonderful people. Like you they want to see the history of railroading preserved and today’s successful railroads celebrated. Many train museums and railfan organizations start out with the best of intentions and unfortunately fall victim to changes and pressures most often beyond their control. Your Lake Superior Railroad Museum is protecting its future in order to preserve railroad’s past. That’s why the Board of Directors created the Lake Superior Railroad Museum Foundation.


The Lake Superior Railroad Museum Foundation is an IRS 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and all donations are fully tax deductible now and for your estate. If you have an attorney or estate planner discuss with them how a gift to the Foundation might mean tax advantages to you and your heirs. If you don’t have such a person we will provide free legal consultations through an attorney paid for by the Foundation who specializes in these matters.

Please contact Executive Director Ken Buehler or Foundation Board Chair Jim Bender to get more information. The service is free to you and confidential. Call: 218-733-7502 or email: or make a contribution instantly today and click here.


Why have a foundation?

Because we don’t know the future! For almost 50 years your Railroad Museum has grown and prospered because of generous members, corporations, foundations, and volunteers. We’ve survived some very challenging times. To insure that when those trying times return, and they will, the museum will be prepared with a financial safety net.

What else does the Foundation provide?

Besides security, the Foundation has the ability to use interest earned on its investments to fund projects that enhance the Museum. The restoration of the DM&IR Coach #33 was paid for in part with money earned by the Foundation, without decreasing any of the corpus.

What is the future of the Foundation?

As the corpus grows it earns more interest and dividends. Each year that money can be used by the Museum for projects or, in the worst case scenario, that rainy day we never want to see.