Lake Superior
Railroad Museum

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair and Limited Mobility Visitors

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum is housed in the lower level of the St. Louis County Depot. The museum can be reached by elevator from the Michigan Street Depot Entrance. The museum can also be accessed from entrance on the freeway side of the Depot. You can access the parking ramp from 4th Ave W. There is Disability Parking available in the ramp (parking is free for placards) and in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum/North Shore Scenic Railroad lot (available summer/fall only).

Due to the historic bricks in the train platforms, the ground can be uneven within the museum, but it is flat in most places. Railroad equipment, Depot Square exhibits, the Gift Shop, and Ice Cream Shop are all barrier free, and wheelchair accessible. Steps are required to enter the interiors of some of the historic coaches and locomotives. A photo guide or card is available at each location for visitors unable to ascend the stairs.

The locomotive gallery (outdoor display area) is accessed by a short ramp on either side of the door. In the summer when train doors are open, visitors can also access this area through the large train doors and no ramp is required.


Hearing Impaired Visitors

Most of the video exhibits throughout the museum are closed-captioned where narration is present.


The Lake Superior Railroad Museum can have loud or unexpected sounds caused by moving equipment (train horns, bells, whistles, etc.) when the trains are being operated in the yard or during the regular North Shore Scenic Railroad season. The museum can become crowded during the summer, especially on weekends. However, it is a large space and there are benches or other areas to move to which can help for some guests with sensory concerns.

Service Animals

Service Animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are allowed in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. Service animals must be working and in the control of the handler when accompanying their owners at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. Dogs and other animals whose primary function is to provide comfort or emotional support (also known as Emotional Support Animals) are not allowed. All service animals must check in with the Ticket Office before entering the museum.

Future Plans

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum strives to meet the needs of our visitors and are seeking grants and other support to continue making the museum more accessible.